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2009-01-26 18:41:26 by Kanped

Hello; I am Chris; Music Producer (qualified to be, if not actually making much money at it yet... watch out for credits in shitty indy flicks or [shudder] radio advertisements nowhere near you), poker player and gamer.

I'm pro-abortion (who exactly is 'anti-life'?), detest almost anyone capable of getting themselves elected and think that A.I. was the worst movie ever made. I still think Animaniacs was a good show.

I'm from Northern Ireland, which is a province of the United Kingdom of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a.k.a. Briton (we're not good enough to be part of 'Great Briton'... go figure). Its fine.

I do bass, guitar, vocals, drums and keys (in order of how well I can play them) but mostly write electronica and noise (if you want some industrial, Silent Hill type stuff, I'll hook ya up. You ever heard the Windows Registry being played through a comb filter? Wha ha ha ha ha!!!) .

In bands, I like Therapy? (check 'em out!), Ween, Kyuss, Primus, Frank Zappa, Tori Amos, Torche, Malevolent Creation, Dethklok, MÚM, Murcof, Aphex Twin, Sparks, Stravinsky, John Cage. SNES tunes etc. etc. My guilty pleasure is Dido. I think she has a great voice with some well-written songs.

Anyway, i'm not making any money and I'm just having tons of fun making tunes. I've done a bunch of re-workings of SNES tunes but I'm not 100% on copyright issues, so I'll upload them if anybody clears that up for me. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick tons of stuff in a variety of genres up here and get to hear my tunes in some awesome games.

Thanks for dropping by; see ya 'round.



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2009-01-26 18:43:47

Welcome to the Newgrounds community. If you can ignore the trolls I am sure you will fit right in.

Have a nice day.


2009-01-26 19:11:22


Word of advise: You'll be seeing the word "cock" alot...

Again, welcome.


2009-01-26 19:30:43